McEwan | Roberts | Dominguez | Carassai is the result of the merger between two professional firms: McEwan e Carassai - Durini - Robinson.

McEwan was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing highly valuable, creative and reliable solutions by providing sophisticated tax-legal advice and tax services to high-net worth families, domestic companies, multinationals, and trust and investment funds.

Carassai - Durini – Robinson was established in 2010, inspired by the concept of establishing a boutique firm engaged in corporate law and capital markets, with proven professional experience and capable of providing high quality legal services to the local and international business community.

Given both firms’ standing in the local and international market based on their tax, corporate and capital markets expertise and in the light of the ongoing growth and needs of their clients, their partners saw an opportunity in combining their practices.

McEwan | Roberts | Dominguez | Carassai’s team of professionals combines the different approaches to a full advisory service, from the unique perspective of lawyers and accountants, with special emphasis on the legal, tax and accounting aspects of the transactions they are involved in, as well as on the appropriate management of the advice given to their clients’ businesses.

McEwan | Roberts | Dominguez | Carassai is present at each and every stage, supporting their clients with an outstanding, sophisticated and highly valuable service embracing comprehensive corporate and family wealth planning, both at a local and international level.



McEwan | Roberts | Dominguez | Carassai has been distinguished with the following awards and recognitions:

Chambers Latin America Awards

McEwan, Roberts,
Dominguez, Carassai
Ranked In 2017

Chambers Latin America Awards

Hernán Carassai
Ranked In 2017

Chambers Latin America Awards

Juan Pablo McEwan
Ranked In 2016

Chambers Latin America Awards

McEwan, Roberts,
Dominguez, Carassai
Ranked In 2015

Chambers Latin America Awards

Hernán C. Carassai
Ranked In 2015

Chambers Latin America Awards

Herberto Robinson
Ranked In 2015

Best lawyers International

Hernán C. Carassai
Listed 2014

The Law Reviews

Juan P. McEwan
Expert Panel 2013

Finance Monthly Deal Maker Awards

Winner 2012

Finance Monthly Law Awards

Winner 2011


McEwan | Roberts | Dominguez | Carassai is a member of the following international associations:

> 2016/2017

Staying active while awaiting,
implies not only trusting in what lies ahead, but also creating opportunities for
the moment when the right time arrives.

> 2015/2016

Changes create challenges,
challenges provide opportunities,
opportunities build

> 2014/2015

Intertwined backgrounds
Shared knowledge
Aggregated experiences
Expanded goals

> 2013/2014

Acceptance means having the capacity
of understanding the prevailing
circumstances and building
on alternative solutions

> 2012/2013

Seek consensus in the face of conflict
Seek stability in the face of uncertainty
Find an opportunity at every drawback

> 2011/2012

Streamlining ideas
Putting concepts together

> 2010/2011

The capacity to see through a problem: the starting point to finding a solution

> 2009/2010

The clouds started to vanish , after the storm
and the light of
a new dawn emerged

> 2008/2009

Let oneself get touched
by a work of art, perceive its essence or
just contemplate it is only made possible under a state of full peace of mind


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